Experiencing Problems?

You may be experiencing changes such as children leaving home, difficulties with your teenager, fear of being open about your sexuality redundancy, or the recent break up of a relationship. These experiences can cause anxiety and leave you feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Talking to a trained professional, outside of the situation, can help you find a way to mange these difficulties more effectively and help you feel more resourced.

I work with adults, children & teenagers. I enjoy supporting parents to improve relationships with their child or teenager. I share my understanding of the changes in the brain, during adolescence, to support their vital job as parents, helping them to understand behaviour as a symptom rather than the problem.

It is important to choose someone that you feel comfortable with and that has the expertise to help you. I am an experienced Child & Adult Psychotherapist, registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).  I have been working in this field since 1995.

I work in Dumfries on Monday, Tuesday & Fridays.  I am based at Heston House on The Crichton Campus.

I also offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy through Changeways. This is a team approach that uses horses to help people find their own solutions to problems in their lives. We work with parents to help them find different ways of communicating with their teenager or child. We work with children who are struggling at school or in their relationships with themselves or others. This includes adoption, anger, autism, anxiety, depression & other emotional distress.

This unique approach works well with children, young people & adults as an alternative to talking therapies. This experience can help people learn to face their fears, develop assertiveness, improve relationships and provide a unique way to connect with themselves.  Find out more about therapy using horses