Staff Support & Supervision

Staff Support Groups & Supervision Groups

Providing support to staff working in the helping professions is a valuable resource. Often support is provided from within the organisation from managers who have dual roles such as supervisor and manager. This can limit employees sharing difficulties in their work due to concerns about how this will reflect on their performance. Having this service provided by an external professional can help staff to talk openly about their work. It can offer a valuable external perspective in a confidential space. This group experience can support the development of colleague relationships, dealing with difference and conflict in a respectful way, support teams to get skilled at supporting each other, offer valuable feedback and different solutions to handling challenging situations.

Coral Harrison is an experienced group facilitator. She can provide supervision or staff support for staff working with children, adolescents and adults. Whether you are working in the voluntary sector, residential childcare or in mental health services having a place to reflect on your work can protect you for work related stress and burnout. A company that invests in their staff’s welfare can reduce sickness rates and enhance job satisfaction. Providing support to staff working in the caring fields complements other organisational structures such as training, appraisals and line management supervision.


At times organisations and staff identify a training need. Training sessions can be tailored to meet these needs. This may include the following:-

  • Communication, listening and counselling skills
  • Recognising the symptoms of stress, burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Attachment theory
  • Child Development
  • Trauma

Transactional Analysis theory can be used to understand personality, communication and relationships within your organisation. Coral is Certified Transactional Analyst and can offer a tailor made training and support package for your organisation.