Psychotherapy in Dumfries 

I am a qualified child & adult psychotherapist. I offer a range of options that include play therapy for children; walk and talk therapy for adults; and equine assisted psychotherapy.

Therapy with horses is a team approach involving a psychotherapist and a trusted equine specialist with a number of horses in the outdoors. This therapy offers the opportunity to be in a natural environment with animals.  Ir can help adult and children overcome anxiety, low self esteem, trauma, relationship difficulties and much more. It helps people to be fully present in the moment and provides opportunities for mindfulness.

Therapy with horses can help connect us to our senses, our instincts, our creativity and innate wisdom.   Horses can teach us a lot about communication, relationships and boundaries. Equine Facilitated Therapy can support people who feel stuck or lost in their lives.  It is useful for teams, groups and as part of continued professional development for professionals working in mental health. To find out more about this approach www.changeways.co. uk

Play therapy can help children explore and express themselves through experience. Some children can struggle to talk about what is going on and how they are feeling. Play therapy can help children communicate at their own level and pace.  The benefits of play therapy can include a reduction in anxiety, improved self confidence and better relationships with friends and family

Walk and talk therapy can be an effective alternative to room based therapies for adults and teenagers. Some people are more comfortable to talk while walking side by side in a nature based environment. This approach can help reduce depression and social anxiety through the patterned movement of walking calming the lower areas of the brain that mediate stress. 

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Recovery from mental health can be a difficult path often not given the credit it deserves. If you have spent days struggling to get out of the house, of get a shower, fight an addiction every day is like a marathon. Your courage and perseverance is your strength. Be proud of you

We all need a helping hand, sometimes it is our hand that is there for our inner child who needs support to take the next step.

Looking beyond behaviour to the real cause, it can be hard to see when you are faced with aggression. Therapy with horses can help connect children and adults to their authentic selves.

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