Psychotherapy in Dumfries

We are living in a time of stress and uncertainty. The pandemic has left many people feeling depressed and anxious. Talking to a trained psychotherapist can help you feel supported and understood.

Our friends may have the best intentions and lovingly offer us solutions before we have had time to work out what we need or want.  Therapy provides a space for you to talk, reflect and make sense of what is causing your distress. The underlying reasons may be linked to family issues or to low self-esteem.

In the current situation we are going against our biology as a social mammal having to isolate from our nearest & dearest which is contributing to feelings of sadness and isolation.  The demands of juggling work, home schooling  and living together under one roof is putting stress on families.

You have taken the first step by coming to this site.  I am a warm, caring professional who enjoys helping people reconnect to their inner strengths and resources. We all need a little extra help sometimes to manage our mental health and wellbeing.  Contact me today.