Coral Harrison PTSTA, CTA, EAGALA Advanced Certified

Coral is a UKCP registered Child & Adult Supervisor with over 20 years experience of working with children, adolescents and adults. Coral enjoys working with individuals to develop their own unique style of therapy.

Clinical supervision is a vital part of supporting professionals in their work with people. It is a requirement for counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers and other mental health practitioners. Supervision is also relevant for any professional working with children and/or adults who have mental health issues.

Supervision is a developmental process, supporting the helping professional to reflect on their work and enhance therapeutic skills. Supervision is important to ensure that we are working effectively and in the best interests of the client. When working with clients with emotional distress we use ourselves in the relationship, this can impact on own wellbeing and bodies. These may include increased anxiety, sleep disturbance, physical symptoms, difficulties switching off from work, increases in coping mechanisms such as drinking, ruminating thoughts and overworking.  These symptoms may be a part of a stress reaction which includes compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma.

The development of a trusting and supportive relationship with a supervisor can act as a protective factor for highlighting work-related stress and burnout.

Supervision provides a confidential space to:-

    • talk about your clients
    • receive support and positive feedback
    • develop your understanding and awareness
    • understanding unconscious process & countertransference
    • develop your professional competence
    • enhance the quality of your work
    • protect yourself and your clients
    • gain clarity over roles and boundaries in your work
    • experience a safe, supportive place to discuss difficulties in your work

Coral provides individual, group and team supervision. Her core training is in Transactional Analysis, with significant training & experience of working with trauma, attachment issues, child development, foster carers, parents and professionals.