Therapy in the outdoors in Dumfries and Cumbria

Experiences in life can disconnected people from themselves, their bodies and natural instincts.  Therapy in nature can restore this sense of connection bringing us back into the present moment through physical movement and awareness of the environment around them. 

Coral Harrison offers walk and talk sessions in the Dumfries area. 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is one of the approaches we offer.

We operate from two centres at Denton Hall Farmhouse, Low Row, Near Brampton, Cumbria and another centre close to Lockerbie. Each location has good transport links by car. 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is one of the approaches we offer. 

Psychotherapy with horses is a team approach involving a psychotherapist, an equine specialist and a number of horses.  Horses tap into the unconscious through their highly attuned senses, mirroring behaviours and feelings which can be used to draw parallels with client’s inner world and their relationships with others.  For example if a young person is distressed, horses may respond by moving close to them.  As the young person reaches out to touch the horses this helps them to calm and reduces their distress.   

An adolescent that believes no one can help him, won’t go into the field and turns his back on the horses.  A horse comes up and pulls the corner of his hoodie.  He decides to turn round and stroke the horse.  We watch as we see his face relax and his body language soften.  

Why Horses? Horses are social animals; they live in herds like families. They are 100% in the present. They live in social groups similar to humans.  They form strong & lasting attachments.  As a prey animal they are very connected to their instincts and senses using them to alert them to danger & predators. Observing horse’s body language can help us learn about non-verbal communication & help us connect to our senses. Through interaction with horses we can be fully present, connected to both our internal world & the external environment around us, which is referred to as dual awareness.

Testimonial – Having watched a TV programme about Equine assisted psychotherapy I made contact with Coral. My 11 year old daughter was becoming increasingly violent and aggressive and I was desperate to help her. After a few sessions we began to notice a change in her moods, she was more able to control herself.

I don’t know how or why this treatment works but I do know that for us as a family it has given us a lifeline and we are moving forward to a much better place, with a happier little girl.’ 

We use the EAGALA model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. We are all EAGALA certified.